Jesse Giles Christiansen Author Songwriter


Mother's Day

Well, Mother’s Day is here again

And while I’m not adrift in sin

I’m not the boy I wish that I could be

I let my hair grow way too long

Just sit around and write these songs

Waiting for the world will let me in


(Chorus 1) But if I could ask the moon for a favor

Or hang out with the sun for just a day

I’d take away every one of your worries

Throw all your children’s thorns away


Well, seasons they have come and gone

So many feel they don’t belong

I sit and watch you love them just the same

All the killing in the streets

While you sit at home and weep

Darling, don’t you know, you’re not to blame


(Chorus 2) If I could ask a star for its power

Swallow its light for just a day

I’d put an end to all of your suffering

Throw all your children’s thorns away


Well, yesterdays won’t come again

Buy that don’t mean that we can’t mend

The things that keep you up at night

No matter how we have to try

To understand your lullaby

And stand with you in the fight


(Chorus 3) If I could go back to Creation

And be with God for just one day

I’d ask Him to take away your heartache

And throw your children’s thorns away


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