Jesse Giles Christiansen Author Songwriter



Oh, Blue-Green Wanderer (Song for Venice, Italy)


A starry-eyed lover serenaded the sea 

A jealous moon rose and Venice was dreamed 

By the time I arrived, her lover had gone

But down each glass canal, you can still hear his song





Oh, blue-eyed wanderer, will you marry me?

Together we'll build a home on the sea 

Sinking steps will be our alter, always touching you

The flowers in the window, our love in bloom

And each ship passing through, will sound its lonesome horn

Because we loved so completely, Venice was born


You still haunt the city, like a lonely gypsy

Kissing the doorsteps, looking for me

I know that I'm not the man you loved before

But my guitar is his gondola, and my words his oar




My blue-green wanderer, will you stay with me?

Forever we'll live in our home on the sea

I'll sit on the steps, waiting for you

Watching the passing, lazy lovers of June

And after all the travelers have come and gone

Because we loved so completely, Venice lives on




And till I return, in my heart you will be

Oh, Venice, true love, between man and the sea


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